Slide pic Claudia Wrightson about me I’m a painter, an interior designer and maker, an artist and photographer.. and I am sure there can be a bunch more names that could be used to describe me (for that please forgive me).

I am not unique.

Like many artists, I am insecure and it’s taken me a lot of years to humbly embrace those nouns above. I am getting better at accepting complements from my supporters.

Whether you choose to believe it or not we were all born creative. Somewhere along the line somebody convinced you that you needed to stick to your day job and not to being creative. Ugggh -Not good.

You love Art because it’s in your DNA -

I’m not sure why I love to mess with paints and glue but I suspect that the Lord knew I wasn’t going to be the next best selling author or mathematician so he directed me to the creative arts.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

I’m tickled pink you stopped by!!

Slide Fun Facts About me 1 - Love the smell of a new box of crayons.
2 - Nothing sweeter than keeping score for a little league game.
3 - Music and lyrics are huge inspirations in my work.
4 - I’m a sappy nostalgia freak - bumps and bruises are GREAT for life’s stories.
5 - My favorite on stage character that I played was the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing technicolored dream coat.
6 - Oh wait! Maybe it was Ethel Toffelmire from the Music Man – Shapoopie!!
7 - Got to work as an assistant in casting for a couple of big screen movies! (and yes Ron Howard is an amazing human).
8 - Driving a Candy Wagon up a steep inclined street with a stick shift and not killing anyone can be called a BIG accomplishment.

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